“Veija” is coming from the pronunciations of “唯雅“ these two Chinese characters. “唯” means Unique, “雅” means Elegant. As the name suggests, we are having an unique and elegant concept and operation mode in catering industry.

Veija Inno Kitchen & Retail combines Restaurant, Café, Bar and Retail Store all in one. We commit to sustainability, we use green and high quality raw material to process our food, our open kitchen allows us to have transparent work process and get closer to our customers. We offer healthy & innovative food with various coffee & tea, creative & traditional drinks; it also combined with design products retail such as Scandinavian brands Aarikka, Muurla, Moomin, Mainio, Opto Design. We are same time searching incredible innovative products worldwidely. You can find our retail products in our physical store and also online boutique by click HERE.